About Us



The Mass Confusion Band is a loose conglomeration of friends who have been playing and writing music for most of their lives together. From their beginnings playing 3 chord rock songs during the Beatle era to the present, they have made music to please themselves. If anyone else likes it, that's a bonus.Hope you enjoy what we've recorded so far. MCB

Writing original music, multitrack recording, and performing.   

We have been performing and writing music for over 40 years. We have been inspired by many friends over the years, most still with us, who have contributed to the legacy of New Jersey's own, "Mass Confusion Band." while no longer playing live gigs at this time, we have continued our creative process in a recording studio in the Atlantic Highlands, NJ.


Coming of age in the urban town of Kearny, NJ with the Beatles, Stones, Zepplin, Floyd, Allman Bros, Dead, and 100 other bands too numerous to list playing on the radio has instilled the love of music and the desire to create our own songs for our own enjoyment. The internet allows us to bring our music to you. We would love to hear what you think. 

Mass Confusion Band